26 febbraio 2015

Glenn Kenny (per Wondering Sound) e Marcus O'Dair (per The Quietus) interrogano Peter Blegvad sui signficati certi e incerti di Kew.Rhone. sulla scorta della pubblicazione del composito dossier per Uniformbooks: "It invites interpretation even as it resists it. When considering the meanings of Kew.Rhone. we can only guess, we can't know – which will put some people off. People who want definitive answers are unlikely to get whatever there is to be got from the Kew. Rhone. experience. Personally, I feel more at home with doubt than I do with certainty. What Keats called Negative Capability."

“They say that the term ‘very unique’ is an oxymoron, but I don’t think so. Everyone is unique, but a man with two heads is VERY unique. Kew. Rhone. is a record with two heads. Two great minds, with a singular vision. Peter’s imagery is wonderful. John’s music is wonderful. There’s more real content on this record than any other I can think of. And, it’s perfectly executed. Kew. Rhone. IS very unique.” (Robert Wyatt)