20 febbraio 2015

Negli ultimi tempi sono stati spesso gli stessi Pere Ubu - assumendo sigla The Pere Ubu Moon Unit - a suonare come gruppo d'apertura ai propri concerti, proponendo in forma dilatata e sperimentale brani e tracce di composizioni vecchie, nuove e in fieri, prima di procedere al programma più tradizionale. Assetto analogo dovrebbero offrire i concerti di stasera e domani a Verona (Interzona) e Ravenna (Bronson), a conclusione del giro europeo allestito per presentare l'album Carnival of Souls.

Da un prologo a un concerto dello scorso autunno - al Brudenell Social Club di Leeds, il 21 novembre 2014 - è tratto un documento per ora anticipato tramite Bandcamp. Nel commento di uno spettatore: "I went along to see Pere Ubu for the first time, expecting something unique and memorable and I wasn't disappointed. The venue posters advertised two sets and David Thomas explained when they came on that there would be a 30 minute set of improvisation followed by a longer "professional" set of songs we may have heard before, but instead of the first set being 5 or 6 pieces, they were going to do one 30 minute song. They did just that, building then breathing. David Thomas was in good form, sitting down, teasing us, himself and the band between songs, obviously having fun. The guitar player actually played a 6 string bass, and theremin coloured the sound for most of the time. Clarinet, a drummer in white with everyone else in black, some tablet synth and... you'll not see another band or music like this so go along and experience it yourself if you get the chance. I'll be back next time."