05 febbraio 2015

Una dozzina di concerti in corso questa settimana al club newyorkese The Stone e quattro nuovi album - di cui uno quintuplo - attualmente in circolazione: The Celestial Squid (con Ray Russell), Garden of Memory (solo), Relations (con Damon Smith) e Leaps (con Scott Amendola). Che momento, Henry Kaiser!

"I’ve always been fairly prolific; I think I have been on about 250 or so albums at this point, since I was first on Eugene Chadbourne’s Guitar Trios album, back in 1976. For the most of the past three years, I had a mom painfully dying in hospice. The nearly full-time job of dealing with that slowed recording down quite a bit during that period for me - probably only three or four albums a year. I hope I am not overreacting too much with over productivity, now that I am back to working full-time again, but there are a myriad of projects suddenly happening for me."