01 marzo 2015

Compie vent'anni di attività l'etichetta autogestita Discus di Martin Archer, e li festeggia con la pubblicazione simultanea di ben tre doppi album - portando il catalogo a quota cinquanta titoli - offerti anche a prezzo speciale in caso di acquisti cumulativi effettuati presso il sito del musicista: Martin Archer & Engine Room Favourites, Bad Tidings From Slackwater Drag; Inclusion Principle, Third Opening; Julie Tippetts & Martin Archer, Vestigium.

Quasi incontenibile l'entusiasmo dello stesso Archer per il lavoro con Julie Tippetts, il loro quarto di titolarità condivisa dopo Ghosts of Gold, Tales of FiNiN e Serpentine: "We'd like the listener to think of this work as being part of a lineage which builds not just on all the music we've both made over the last decades, but which might also include major statements such as Centipede's Septober Energy, Soft Machine's Third, or Carla Bley's Escalator Over The Hill. That's the scope of expression we're chasing. And the really exciting thing is that we sense the beginning of a return to those days in some parts of the current wave of creative British jazz musicians." E in particolare, a proposito del brano Stalking The Vision: “I’ve made around 50 commercial releases to date, hundreds of tracks, hours of music - Julie’s lyric and vocal arrangement on this track are incredible and as a consequence I really do believe this song is the finest piece of music I’ve been a part of in my career so far.”