21 marzo 2015

Per accompagnare la transizione temporale tra la morte fisica e la dispersione delle ceneri, Orlando Allen dedica a papà Daevid - e mamma Gilli - alcuni brani registrati in forma di meditazione solitaria, con ampio utilizzo di suoni ambientali, a partire da Moonchild (King Crimson).

R.I.P Dada Ali 13-03-15 13:08pm - Final release 22-03-15 11:11am --This song is dedicated and sung from my deepest of true hearts to my Father Daevid Allen also known as Dada Ali - The Dingo Virgin and Bert Camembert among many characters he lived in his 45 years in the music industry. He died a peaceful Death passing quietly in his sleep. This is the first of a series of 5 acoustic unplugged songs from Orlando Monday dedicated to his dad Daevid Allen and mom Gilli Smyth - this first song celebrates The Twilight Between Night and Day -Between Life and Death. Dada Ali the Global Family are with you as you wonder the twilight between the time of physical Death and final release of the spreading of your ashes on the ocean at your favorite spot New Brighton Beach at the rocks 11:11am Australian time - Sunday 22-03-15

Anche un altro figlio di Daevid, Tobias J Cosmo Allen, affida il suo commiato a un ricordo musicale: "My greatest and most bittersweet memory of my Father was him jamming along to the music I used to listen to at a tender age of 14, which was mostly Sepultura, Napalm Death, Slayer, Pantera and Method Of Destruction, which grated enormously with his new age psychedelic prowess. Not his bag at all, but not was his mine. But drawn in by the skitzophrenic sounds and bloodcurdling howls, no matter what, he wanted to be a part of it for me, to try bridge the divided alien gap between he and I. He would slam around in the most down-to-earth free spirited hippy way he could. Maybe this was his way of purifying the thrash metal sound in his own little way? He did it with Punk music in the late 70's when he got chased out of CBGB's, why couldn't he do it with me? When I used to listen to underground hip-hop, he fucking loved the 'lyricism' so much, he actually wrote a rap song, which was kinda adorable, albeit scatman like: https://youtu.be/Pw8ZESzpL3M
Above everything, It was the best way for a hard working absent musician to stay in tune with a yung hooligan hose beast with a penchant for an array of psychedelics and inflicting wild and various accidents on myself. But, you know what, looking back, it kinda worked! It's time to say goodbye old matey, you found the peace you were so desperately looking for and it was surrounded by your whole obscura of oddball family and friends. Now... You go find your flying teapot and pothead pixie clan and find a way to float around planet gong causing anarchy the best way you know how."