19 marzo 2015

Questo è il giorno della cremazione di Daevid Allen, e c'è un'indicazione ad hoc per chi voglia partecipare pure a distanza: "If you so wish to participate, you can light a candle at 11:11am today and make yourself a strong cup of earl grey tea with one sugar and 1/3 milk".

Cominciano intanto i preparativi per la cerimonia funebre di domenica. Li annuncia Jonny Greene di Planet Gong: "For years if you ever asked him what kind of funeral he would like Daevid always said he wanted an old fashioned fire engine to take the coffin to Bryon Bay's town square or High St. accompanied by a trad jazz band. There his body would be burned on a large funeral pyre outside the Town Hall. Then his ashes were to be placed on a little wooden boat and floated out to sea. Unlike some of Daevid's flights of fancy this one varied very little over time. In the end not too much of the above can be achieved, but I'm sure he was just fine with that. Daevid will be cremated late morning 17th March at Bryon Bay's local Crematorium, in fact as I type just before midnight in 16th here in the UK the family and close friends will have already have gathered for the ceremony to begin. We are all there in spirit. On Saturday all four of Daevid's sons will paddle out on surf boards to scatter his ashes in the sea."