30 marzo 2015

Ritrattino di Mike Alway ('he invented a parallel England with perfect eccentricity') seguendo le scie luminose lasciate da Anthony Adverse e Bad Dream Fancy Dress negli anni ruggenti della él: "The label wasn’t so much a record company as a manifestation of Alway’s passion for hazy corners of Englishness. The corners, as Alway saw them, were inhabited by eligible rakes, sharp-witted debutantes and British cinema antiheroes such as Jack Carter, the gangster played by Michael Caine in Get Carter. Having worked in the A&R departments of the cornerstone indie label Cherry Red and then the major label-funded Blanco Y Negro, Alway knew what he didn’t want when he founded él. His dream was a company that valued intelligence and flair over profit – and, true to his word, Alway consistently took on projects that didn’t have a hope of hitting the charts."