27 marzo 2015

Un'intervista a Karen Street è apparsa qualche settimana fa in LondonJazz, preannunciando tra le altre cose l'uscita di un suo nuovo album, Unfurled, con il quartetto Streetworks: "At the suggestion of Mike Westbrook I brought out a solo album of original music, with contributions from Stan Sulzman and Fred Baker which was received really well. Two more cds followed and now I have just released a fourth, Unfurled. I think I have found in the players in Streetworks - Mike Outram on guitar, Will Harris on bass, Andy Tweed on saxophone, and myself on accordion - a great sound and good level of communication. Our new album Unfurled is a contemplative album and reflects my time of life. Youth and excitement is far away, there is a sense of loss with children moving away, parents dying or succumbing to dementia, a sadness which is very present at the moment but which will I hope take more of a back seat as time passes, indicated in the more optimistic tracks. My aim is to communicate with an audience on an emotional level rather than achieving any wow factor. I have realised that I have to be comfortable with the people I play with to perform at my best. I think jazz mirrors your personality - I can be very shy but with moments of recklessness, sounds like a title for the next album! I think I also have a lot of anger against the injustices of the world and I would dearly like to find a way of expressing this through my music."