28 aprile 2015

A pochi mesi dalle celebrazioni dell'ottantesimo compleanno di Shirley Collins esce un bell'omaggio prodotto da Earth Recordings, Shirley Inspired, un triplo album in speciale edizione a tiratura limitata con nuove interpretazioni di brani associati al lavoro sulle tradizioni folk britanniche compiuto per lunghi decenni dalla leggendaria ricercatrice e cantante. Vi partecipano tra gli altri Graham Coxon, Lee Ranaldo, Eric Chenaux, Josephine Foster, Johnny Flynn, Stuart Estell e Trembling Bells. C'è anche Stewart Lee, che fa un figurone con una sua versione del classico Polly On The Shore. Il tutto per preparare il terreno alla realizzazione del film biografico The Ballad of Shirley Collins, prodotto da Fifth Column.

Earth Recordings are extremely proud to announce the release of Shirley Inspired. July 2015 will see Shirley Collins celebrate her 80th year - an age that would seem frankly ridiculous for a woman as spritely as her, had it not been for all she's achieved. From her seminal field-recording trip to America to her lauded musical career; from her role as historian and protector of the folk tradition, to the very fact that this record can exist - more than half a century after her career began - all of these things are testament to the breadth of her influence. "I've been overwhelmed by the generosity of the singers and musicians who responded to the invitation to be part of the Shirley Inspired collection - the woman herself had to say - their choice of songs is fascinating, the interpretations of them fresh and various, beautiful and sometimes challenging! Listening to these recreations shows me again that English folk music has timeless power and significance."