22 aprile 2015

Bob Drake e Chris Cutler intervengono via Skype, interagendo con conduttori e ascoltatori, alla puntata di oggi - in replica domani, e successivamente archiviata presso Mixcloud - del programma radiofonico Prog Rock Deep Cuts guidato da Ian Beabout e Mike Lieto per House of Prog.
Spiega Drake: "I was asked by Ian Beabout to be his guest on the April 22 edition of his Deep Cuts radio show, which will air from 11a.m.-1p.m. EST. I would join Ian on the airwaves via the magic of Skype, and play some songs which have inspired me over the decades, he’d play some selections from my solo work and various bands I’ve been involved in over the epochs, we’d chat about music, and generally attempt to amuse the listeners who will gather round their radio posts in their parlors to hear what we have in store. We set the date and that was that, until I remembered that Chris Cutler was going to be here at my place then (we’ll be working on more Probes episodes ) so I suggested that Chris and I both be the guests, playing and talking about some of our fave tunes, Ian and his co-host Mike Lieto will select tracks from both of our musical careers, we’ll talk about music and who knows what… so that’s what you’ll hear if you tune in on 22 April!"