07 aprile 2015

Dopo la proiezione in prima mondiale alla kermesse di South by Southwest ad Austin (Texas) il 20 marzo scorso, accompagnata dal concerto conclusivo della serie Shadowland, il film sui Residents, Theory of Obscurity, è pronto a circolare presso i festival di cinema indipendente di mezzo mondo. In Europa sarà per ora solo all'IndieLisboa portoghese, a partire dal 23 aprile. Un trailer del film, finora visibile assieme ad altri materiali preparatori solo ai sottoscrittori della campagna di finanziamento del progetto, è su YouTube.

Uno dei momenti più memorabili del film, dal punto di vista del regista Don Hardy, è stata l'installazione del famigerato Ultimate Box Set - un frigorifero contenente esemplari di tutte le produzioni ufficiali del gruppo - presso il MoMA a New York: "The most special day was sort of near the end of the film where the Ultimate Box Set, The Residents refrigerator full of all their official releases, was taken into the Museum of Modern Art in New York. For that shoot, it was just myself and Homer Flynn from the Cryptic Corporation. I was documenting it and Homer was helping to set up the refrigerator at the museum. And you know, this is one of the most prestigious museums in the world. I was traveling with a lot of gear because I truly didn’t know where they were gonna have us with this crazy refrigerator. Were they gonna put us out on the loading dock? Or in some back hallway? When we showed up we were taken up to the restoration room, and it’s right in the middle of the entire museum and you walk into this room and it’s totally high tech. It’s perfectly silent. You walk in and you see a 6ft Picasso, you see some work from Jasper Johns and you see these amazing works of art. And then right there is The Residents refrigerator and their eyeball and everything that really adds up to a 40+ year career. And I could see the look on Homer’s face. That feeling of pride that he was feeling and that was just really special. Also, to see how much care the people from the Museum of Modern Art were taking with all of these items, it really put a smile on my face, and I’m glad we can show a little bit of that in the film."