02 aprile 2015

In assetto quasi immutato rispetto a Play High Mountain Top (Leo Records, 2013) si è nuovamente riunito attorno allo scrittore e cantante Steve Day il collettivo Blazing Flame, con Keith Tippett, Julie Tippetts, Peter Evans, Fiona Harvey, Anton Henley e Aaron Standon. Li ha filmati in studio a Bristol qualche settimana fa il team di Calling the Shots.

Steve Day is a writer, poet and percussionist and among the very few independent British jazz writers to be quoted in the definitive 'Penguin Guide to Jazz' (Cook/Morton). He is currently contributing monthly reviews and other material to the online What's New magazine. Steve Day is also working in the medium of the 'short story', a collection of which is being prepared for publication. As a member of the collaborative ensemble, Blazing Flame, he is responsible for all their songs which are performed within the context of improvisation. Five films for 2015 are now available of the band.