05 aprile 2015

Ricompare in vinile Slow Crimes, storico primo album del quartetto The Work - Tim Hodgkinson, Bill Gilonis, Mick Hobbs e Rick Wilson - uscito nel 1982 qualche mese dopo il fulminante esordio di I Hate America. Si incarica della riedizione l'americana Knock 'Em Dead, che per l'occasione allega all'album originale Anxious (About Meaning) e One Swallow in forma di singolo. La tiratura è limitata a 100 copie.

Slow Crimes is a little-known treasure of transformative magnitude. The Work were formed in 1979 by saxophonist Tim Hodgkinson (following the dissolution of Henry Cow), guitarist Bill Gilonis, bassist Mick Hobbs, and drummer Rick Wilson, although Slow Crimes showcases each member on a variety of instruments. Also featured is Catherine Jauniaux on guest vocals throughout the album. The Work's inaugural LP release, Slow Crimes is so rabidly articulate that it presides over and resides in a world very much unto itself. While falling within the loosest guidelines of "post-punk", the term is a misnomer, for the textural intricacies and distinct deliberacy throughout Slow Crimes bespeak both an utterly unique collective identity and a startling fluency with its own language. It takes the vibrant urgency of punk rock and catalyzes it into a continually fascinating mosaic. This reissue includes a bonus 7" with concurrent compilation tracks Anxious (About Meaning) and One Swallow.