30 maggio 2015

A compensare in parte il mancato appuntamento oggi a Londra giunge notizia dell'album che ritrae insieme Evan Parker e Fred Frith in quello che fu all'epoca il loro terzo incontro in assoluto nella formula del duo: Hello, I Must Be Going (su etichetta Victo), registrato a maggio l'anno scorso durante il Festival International de Musique Actuelle di Victoriaville.
Così recensì quel concerto Bruce Lee Gallanter, di Downtown Music Gallery: "Although Fred Frith and Evan Parker are both British and come from around the same scene/generation of Europe's finest free improvisers, this set was only the their third duo performance. Both of these men are master improvisers and this disc/set captures them at their best. Evan played mostly soprano sax and Fred often had his guitar on his lap with a table filled with objects: an e-bow, chopsticks, an ashtray, paintbrush, etc. Each of these men have their own vocabulary of sounds so they took their time to work their way through a variety of sounds and textures. It helps to actually see what Mr. Frith is doing since he has so many odd/unique ways to play his guitar. At one point, Fred repeatedly tapped on his strings, using his fingers and/or a chopstick shoved between the strings on the neck. The effect was most hypnotic with Evan also playing circular lines, both men weaving their strands together. As Fred would alter his approach to his guitar being held in his hands or on his lap. Evan, who is one of the masters of circular breathing, would also alter his sound to bring the two closer together into a similar exploratory zone. As the set progressed, the exchange got quicker and closer as if they were finishing each other's sentences. This was one of those magical sets where everything works just right, the blend of ideas seamless."