16 maggio 2015

La californiana Superior Viaduct si incarica di rimettere in circolazione in vinile l'album Barricades 3 di ZNR - cioè Hector Zazou e Joseph Racaille - prodotto artigianalmente in Francia nel 1976 per 'Les disques du Rat et du Serpent Associés' e di lì a qualche anno ripreso da Recommended Records (1981) per farne dono tra i più graditi ai sottoscrittori dell'epoca: "One of the more extraordinary groups of all time; bizarre, minimal, Satiesque, Les Six and Brasilian echoes; clear as crystal, completely impenetrable, innocent and ironic. There never was before, nor has been ever again anything quite like it".

ZNR was the French duo of Hector Zazou and Joseph Racaille (hence, Zazou 'n' Racaille) active in the mid to late '70s. Their 1976 debut, Barricade 3, is an anti-pop masterpiece that truly defies categorization. Featuring an array of seemingly dichotomous instruments (piano, synthesizers, woodwinds, electric guitar and more) as well as genuinely bizarre vocals, the album is composed of fifteen odd experiments using a loose framework of analog electronics, avant-garde rock, jazz influences, and post-structuralist études.