18 maggio 2015

Quattro esperti chef dell'art-rock internazionale - e intenzionale - sfornano nella matrigna Svizzera un prodotto ricco di sapori della tradizione (Dull Schicksal, Hat Shoes, AA Kismet, Vril, Nimby, Miners of Banal) infarcito del più moderno stupidario preso allo spam delle rispettive caselle email. Nel tritatutto finiscono anche Serge Gainsbourg e Vladimir I. Lenin. L'album è Calvary Greetings (Megaphone e Knock'em Dead Records, 2014) e il gruppo si chiama Stepmother. Loro sono Bill Gilonis, Lukas Simonis, Jeroen Visser e David Kerman. Yummy!

Anglo-American-Dutch post-punk prog-rock and experimental soundscapes with a dash of Monty Python thrown in. A reunion of an '80s band that never existed (but should have): twangy guitars, nifty keyboards, zany drumming, vocal histrionics à la The Rutles (well, sort of), lop-sided rhythms, regurgitated spam lyrics. What more could you ask for? The journey we are taken on introduces us to mass murderer Curtis Lemay, Serge Gainsbourg, sex ads, neo-liberal communism, Nigerian online scams, neo-surrealist blabbering, and Dickensian psycho fluff. But the record is much more than a sum of its parts -- and it's beautifully packaged to boot, with artwork by Alfred Boland.