03 giugno 2015

Alcune erano venute alla luce anche in concerto a Collisioni l'anno scorso, nelle versioni adattate dal gruppo allestito ad hoc da Massimo Giuntoli. Ora, dopo esser circolate informalmente tra amici e conoscenti, sono ufficialmente disponibili le deliziose composizioni di Jonathan Coe, una dozzina, raccolte con il titolo Unnecessary Music, eseguite dall'autore in solitudine, con tastiere e chitarre. Pubblicate qualche giorno fa da Spa Road Records e diffuse tramite Bandcamp.

Spiega Coe: "All of the pieces in this collection are performed by me alone, on guitars and keyboards. Some of them are old, and some are relatively new. The earliest tune, Empty Mornings, was written in 1984. Best Forgotten, Snow Sequence and Kaleidoscope of Rainclouds date from roughly the same time. They were written using an analogue keyboard, the Casio 1000P, which featured a simple arpeggiator, generating the repetitive melodic patterns which form the basis of each piece. I wrote many hours' worth of this kind of music in the 1980s, but then my output tailed away as I began to concentrate on other things. In the early 2000s I started playing the piano again, and wrote pieces such as Memory Loop, Repeating Myself, Back into the Garden and Sarah at the Beach. Some of these tunes were written as lullabies for my then young daughters. Christmas Eve, Little Heath, Battersea Park and Suspended Moment are all more recent pieces, written and recorded using Ableton Live which at the moment is my software of choice.
The privately-pressed CD containing these twelve tracks was originally intended only for my friends, but some of them have since persuaded me to share them online."