21 giugno 2015

Bing Selfish ripesca un'antica collezione di canzoni - in passato su audiocassetta, e successivamente su cd, entrambi rigorosamente autoprodotti - ritoccandone la sequenza ed espandendola all'inverosimile: Space College and the Theory of Everything [Expanded Universe Edition]. Con lo zampino di Xentos Fray Bentos e di Bob Drake.

A quantum journey through an expanding universe or your shrinking mind. Your call... What was once a mere electromagnetic pulse in a neurochemical environment has developed and expanded, by way of electromagnetic tape, into an aural cascade of sonic, spiritual and scientifically-defensible entities we know as “Songs”. The 18 songs on this newly-remastered and reconfigured release will take you on a trip back to your chromosomatic state and smaller, the further into your subatomic being, and will then hurl you at something approaching the speed of light out, out to the far reaches of the universe, and beyond. Of course, beyond… First released as a cassette tape in another millennium, bypassing the vinyl release (not considered cool in Cosmic Circles), but getting a 12 track CD release a way back, now fully remastered and augmented by previously unheard songs from the Space College sessions. In a universe full of so many meteors, it's a miracle any of these tracks has made it through! Entertain yourself while feeling the pulse of new elements in your earbox! An essential album for all physics, chemistry, biology, metaphysics students and teachers, space explorers, rocket scientists, myth busters, cropdusters, readers, breeders, bleeders, weeders and everybody else as well.