10 giugno 2015

E al sito della Cuneiform si porge omaggio in modo speciale anche a Daevid Allen, in particolare ricordando la pubblicazione nel 2004 dell'album Jet Propelled Photographs, con le strepitose/strepitanti reinterpretazioni del più antico catalogo Soft Machine a nome University of Errors.

A creative musical catalyst, Daevid was a key figure in the founding of some of the 20th century's most innovative rock bands, including Soft Machine and Gong. His music pushed the boundaries of pop music, psychedelia and art, and he expanded the technical possibilities of his instruments, inventing the "glissando guitar" technique and experimenting with tape loops and musique concrete.
Cuneiform worked with Daevid on the 2004 release of Jet Propelled Photographs by University of Errors, one of his last bands. The album featured University of Errors performing new versions of songs that Daevid played on when he was a member of Soft Machine in 1966-67. All Music Guide noted that “There's nothing musty and quaint about any of the music on this CD. It's still strangely compelling 40 years later, and for this, Allen certainly deserves some major credit.” Daevid was a creative genius, continually, ceaselessly transforming what existed into what it could be, into something new.