09 giugno 2015

Joyce e Steve Feigenbaum di Cuneiform Records riservano una sezione del sito web dell'etichetta a un ricordo riconoscente e commosso dell'amico e compagno carissimo Michael King (1957-2015), tracciandone le vicende umane e personali, le passioni, il talento, la competenza e i tanti meriti verso le musiche che più amava - e amiamo! - al mondo. Ciao Mike!

British Jazz and beyond has lost one of its most passionate advocates: Michael King, a globally-respected and uniquely talented sound engineer, producer, tape restorer, researcher/historian/writer, and the head of the record label Reel Recordings. Mike committed suicide on March 2nd, 2015 in Hamilton, Ontario, two weeks before his 58th birthday.
Mike King was a Canadian sound engineer, tape restorer, and fan of British music who devoted his professional career to unearthing, restoring, and/or assisting the commercial release of previously unreleased recordings by many of the key figures in Britain's avant-garde jazz underground of the 1960's, 1970s and 1980s. He was a true sonic archaeologist, determinedly researching forgotten archives and pursuing lost tapes; an Indiana Jones audiophile explorer who was absolutely smitten by music and the romance of unearthing sonic treasure.