28 giugno 2015

"La musica non tradisce mai e le fiamme continuano a bruciare." Così Roberto Ottaviano nell'annunciare l'uscita di Rebel Flames, per l'etichetta Ogun. Canto Generàl con Louis Moholo-Moholo, ripresi dal vivo nel 2007 a Tivoli e Perpignan, con brani originali appunto di Ottaviano, dei due Minafra Pino e Livio, ma anche classici immortali di Keith Tippett, Mongezi Feza, Dudu Pukwana e Harry Miller.

Wonderfully soulful work from drummer Louis Moholo Moholo – heard here in the company of Canto General – an Italian group, but one whose music is awash in South American inspiration! Reedman Roberto Ottaviano is in the quintet – and he sounds better here than we've heard him in years – blowing with this rich tone alongside trumpeter Pino Minafra, in a musical partnership that almost takes us back to the spirit of Gato Barbieri's Latin America projects of the early 70s! Pianist Livio Minafra brings a real sense of majesty to the music, too – almost a Cuban balance of lyricism and rhythm, which makes for a perfect fit with Moholo's drums and the bass of Roberto Bellatalla. The group perform tunes by some of Moholo's older contemporaries – Harry Miller, Keith Tippett, Dudu Pukwana, and Mongezi Feza – and titles include "Orange Grove", "Thoughts To Geoff", "Dedicated To Mingus", "Angel Normali", and "You Ain't Gonna Know Me Cos You Think You Know Me".