18 giugno 2015

Misha Mengelberg e Han Bennink, Derek Bailey, Henry Kaiser e Anthony Braxton, ma anche T Rex e Dead Kennedys negli ascolti al buio proposti da David Keenan a Eugene Chadbourne per l'appuntamento mensile di Invisible Jukebox della rivista inglese The Wire: e quasi tutti li azzecca, il Nostro. Con un paio di pungenti osservazioni sul chitarrismo di Jerry Garcia e Frank Zappa: "I just never acquired a taste for Jerry Garcia's guitar playing. Him and Zappa. I don't understand what anybody sees in it at all. It sounds to me like somebody going up and down the neck with the simplest sort of scales that you can possibly think of. Like there's a kind of blues scale that's one of the first things you learn when you're learning how to play lead. Then you pick up on the fact that depending on the key the song is in it sounds different, you know?"