31 luglio 2015

La piccola - anzi, piccolissima - editrice Bracketpress con sede in Rochdale, Lancashire (Regno Unito) specializzata nella pubblicazione di quaderni, libercoli, pamphlet e stampe artigianali a tiratura limitata, produce in pochi esemplari il box Error Australis contenente scritti del compianto Daevid Allen, con storie, immagini, poesie, schizzi e annotazioni, prime apparizioni dei Pot Head Pixies e diari di recenti viaggi con Gong e University of Errors. Così scrivono del progetto i promotori dell'iniziativa Christian Brett e Alice Smith, che già in passato hanno lavorato con Allen - pur senza mai incontrarlo di persona - pubblicandone il libello poetico/politico Soundbites 4 tha reVelation 2012: "The idea for this project was first mooted up at a System 7 / The Orb all-nighter in Manchester a couple of years ago. Our friend, The Tin Man, had three pieces of work with him that Daevid was keen to see published, and after the work we did with him in 2011, wondered if we would be up for it. Of course! It was great to have the opportunity to work with Daevid on soundbites 4 tha reVelation 2012, and was another one of those occasions where I ended up working with someone whose work I’d first come across over 30 years ago when the Gong LPs Magick Brother and Floating Anarchy 1977 were being passed around the school yard. Work on Error Australis began just as Daevid went off on a tour of Japan with You Me & Us. After a lengthy period of radio silence we heard Daevid had been diagnosed with cancer, and was in hospital having intensive treatment. We are gutted that Daevid never got to see this box set published – the book proofs were delivered to The Tin Man on Friday 13th March, the day Daevid passed."
I ricavati delle vendite andranno in parte a sostenere l'impegno archivistico e divulgativo di Planet Gong. Informazioni e prenotazioni: