30 luglio 2015

Prosegue l'azione di recupero da parte della londinese Demon dei famigerati concerti reunion prodotti nel 1990 a Nottingham dalla serie televisiva Bedrock: lo fa nella propria linea economica di cd e dvd Access All Areas - dove si trova di tutto di più e di peggio, non soltanto vecchie glorie canterburyane in momenti di non massimo spolvero - pubblicando anche il concerto dei Gong, dopo quelli di Hatfield and The North e Caravan qualche mese fa. Con Daevid Allen e Gilli Smyth c'erano in quell'occasione Didier Malherbe, Pip Pyle, Keith Bailey, Stephan Lewry e Paul Noble. Ne scrisse all'epoca Phil Howitt, su Facelift: "The full gig featured huge chunks of material from the Trilogy albums, although lamentably little from You, except for the unscreened Master Builder, preceded by swirling keyboards and some Gilli Smyth poetry before the more familiar chanting. The televised version of events probably didn't really take off until the second half of the show, when the long medley from Angel's Egg and the track Flying Teapot allowed the band to develop the sort of cosmic jam most people would associate then with: all-embracing layers of sound incorporating space whisper, glissando guitar and keyboards, but most particularly the expressive soloing of Didier Malherbe. Malherbe was given frequent centrestage, most dynamically during the encore using a heavily-treated sax to recreate all the trappings of a classic keyboard solo. A dispensation was given to more recent Gong directions with the closing chant You Are I And I Am You, a piece ancient in origin but wholly relevant to the homeliness of recent Daevid Allen gigs. A truly moving finale."