21 luglio 2015

Recensioni e documenti audio e video dei recenti concerti in onore di Terry Riley e dei suoi ottant'anni - portati benissimo, per quanto esprimono sia le performance sia l'immutato radioso sorriso del Nostro, anche nell'affrontare nuove sfide - si trovano un po' ovunque sul web, su FB e YT in primis: "I’ve never been 80 before, so it’s not weird - it’s just new territory. Each decade brings different kinds of experiences. This particular past week there was just more intensity, more things happening, more interest and more demands on me and my time. But it wasn’t weird - it was just, everything got jacked up to a higher level. You try to match it in some way, flow with it. I’m enjoying it to a certain degree. It’s also challenging and I like challenges."