23 luglio 2015

Vinyl on Demand produce in poche centinaia di esemplari una lussuosa antologia in 10 LP dedicata ai primi trentacinque anni di attività di Pierre Henry - uno dei più geniali pensatori musicali del ventesimo secolo, tra i padri della musica concreta ed elettroacustica - organizzata dal compositore stesso per temi e stadi dell'evoluzione tecnologica degli strumenti a lui via via disponibili: Choix D'oeuvres: 1950-1985.

Henry's work during the period covered in this boxset more or less set a precedent for electronic music: he would be among the first to explore myriad techniques for processing sound, advancing a sonic spirit which would deeply feed forward and irrevocably open the dimensions of contemporary music ever since, from AFX's mechanised instruments to the filigree dynamics of Arca and so, so much between. Henry's oeuvre deals with sound at elemental levels, effecting painstakingly-edited fragments of tape recordings thru a matrix of self-built modules in order to render and focus upon their resonant qualities and spatial values and their place "in-the-mix". Bearing that in mind, the music in this boxset has been restored and mastered by Jos Smolders of Earlabs according to the artist's intention and approach, yielding near enough 10 hours of seminal composition in uncanny clarity. From earliest endeavours such as the haunting Symphonie pour un homme seul (1950), to the prototypical studies of Spatiodynamisme (1952), thru the Greek epic-inspired Voile d'Orphée and later cut-ups of La Xème symphonie de Beethoven (1979), he consistently pushes the doors of perception wide open to reveal new dimensions of sound and audition.