30 agosto 2015

Dopo Nonsuch e Drums and Wires sarà Oranges & Lemons (1989) il prossimo album degli XTC ad affrontare il trattamento Wilson con revisioni, aggiunte, nuovi missaggi e multiple ambientazioni sonore, con materiali audio e video inediti e dovizia di informazioni di contesto.
Ape House presso Burning Shed sta già raccogliendo le prenotazioni per metà ottobre: https://www.burningshed.com/store/ape/product/351/6866

In una sintetica presentazione dell'epoca si scrisse: "Journey now to the ‘garden of earthly delights,’ where the ‘Mayor of Simpleton,’ elected ‘King for a day,’ screams, “‘Here comes president Kill again!’” ‘The loving’ Mayor opens the coach door and the ‘poor skeleton steps out.’ He greets ‘one of the milions’ of his adoring subjects. One of the ‘Scarecrow People’ raises his hand to the almighty Mayor and decrees, “I may be ‘merely a man,’ but my music shall last after these ‘cynical days!’ It will jump with leaps and bounds ‘across this antheap.’ I shall rid the world of boring and mindless music!” A young child, upon hearing such promises, shrieks, “‘Hold me my daddy!’” Suddenly a giant rubber ball falls from blue sky, a huge ‘pink thing,’ glowing like a ‘miniature sun!!’ All the land was bestowed with the glowing warmth of music! New music! This land of ‘chalkhills and children’ became abundant with trees sprouting ripe, plump oranges and lemons, all because of the brilliance shone from one bright source -- the XTC of life itself!!! This is no tall tale. Listen for yourself."