22 agosto 2015

Floating Worlds Records rimette in circolazione, con qualche ritocco, la registrazione del concerto tenuto dai Soft Machine - allora Mike Ratledge, Hugh Hopper e Robert Wyatt - al Paradiso ad Amsterdam il 29 marzo 1969: Live at the Paradiso. Il documento è ben noto agli appassionati, e per quanto la diffusione non ne sia mai stata autorizzata dal gruppo a causa di gravi pecche e lacune tecniche nel suono, esso è stato varie volte oggetto di pubblicazione, con varia denominazione, sia in vinile sia in cd. In occasione dell'edizione Voiceprint, vent'anni fa, Hopper tornò sull'argomento: "Holland was always a strong Soft Machine country. The time we played at Amsterdam's Paradiso club was one of several visits that year to the land of windmills and dope smoke. And bootlegs. Not long after we played there, an LP appeared of the gig. Warts (definetely warts) and all, and despite very strong objections from the musicians when asked if we would like to see the performance released. Robert's main objections were to the voice recording - the level comes and goes, and fighting against fuzz bass and organ does no favours when you're trying to sing in tune on fiendishly tricky Ratledge pieces. And there are parts of arrangements missing where the organ packs up and dies occasionally. Having not long before spent several weeks rehearsing and recording the stuff for Volume Two, none of us wanted such a rough version to be released."