02 agosto 2015

Su YT c'è un gustoso assaggio della performance di Himmel-Music for Massed Fuzz Organs il mese scorso al Festival Mimi. In azione c'erano per l'occasione Andy Saunders, Glyn Perrin, Richard Miles, Jules Bernable e Chris Cutler, con gli invitati Tom Mugridge e Jake Rousham, Juliano Lacave, Nicolas Debade, Franck Barriac, Louis Ramanitra, Sophie Amiard, Léa Lachat, Philippe Andeol, Lionel Malric, Laurent Rossi e Phil Spectrum.
Il gruppo - non si sa in quale assetto - tornerà presto ospite del londinese Cafe Oto, dove già ha gettato le basi per una prossima produzione discografica. Sulle infernali difficoltà di riprendere efficacemente un simile ensemble, tanto in studio quanto dal vivo, si è scritto: "The Himmel experience is a tricky one to actually capture outside of the live context. It's elusive and complex, countless layers piling up on top of each other in building waves, and while you're paying attention to one aspect an as yet unnoticed major shift uncoils just beneath the surface and alters the dynamics and direction of the whole piece. That's why each of the pieces is at least twenty minutes long; they each need at least that much terrain within which to shift and alter their shape, to transmogrify from one topography to another, and back again, and then elsewhere. So, to try to capture any of it in the studio, or record it live, is a challenge of Herculean proportion."