05 agosto 2015

Un omaggio al carissimo partner artistico per oltre trent'anni, l'amico e compagno Don Joyce - il genio di Over the Edge, scomparso lo scorso 22 luglio all'età di settantun anni - è alla homepage del sito dei Negativland, già gravemente colpiti a gennaio dalla perdita di un altro storico collaboratore, Ian Allen: "There was Negativland before Don Joyce (though not by much), and there will be Negativland after (indeed, Don pulled back from touring with the group in 2010, though was just as involved as ever in all of our projects, and in fact did his last-ever Over The Edge broadcast only three weeks before he passed away), and he made it clear that he wished for the group to continue on in some fashion if he was the next member to go. At the very least, there are two nearly-completed albums in the works and possible live shows, and, in late 2015, all 34 years of Over the Edge (5000-plus hours’ worth) will be available until the end of time on the Internet Archive, the result of a multi-year archiving project. But there will never be another Don Joyce."
La puntata di Over the Edge del 23 luglio 2015, in onda per la californiana KPFA appena ventiquattr'ore dopo la morte di Joyce e a lui dedicata ('There is no Don'), è archiviata in http://www.negativland.com/ote/?p=2592