14 settembre 2015

Due documenti ufficiali siglano l'estate 2015 di Eugene Chadbourne sul fronte discografico: uno (13 Society) è di fresca produzione, registrato nell'aprile di quest'anno ad Amsterdam con il batterista Rogier Smal, l'altro (The Sounds of Genius) recupera passate collaborazioni con Ed Cassidy, Walter Malli, Sunny Murray, Peter Kowald e Derek Bailey dagli archivi di Eddie Chatterbox: "For years Chatterbox put in careful work on tributes to master musicians he had the opportunity to work with. Documentation existed of these encounters and Chatterbox had in each case been given free rein to deal with the results in whatever manner he saw fit.  As the years went on with no final outcome and inevitably not even a Chatterbox, at least some of these pieces developed into memorial tributes as the geniuses passed on for greater realms."