22 settembre 2015

Tra le iniziative che costellano un intensissimo anno di lavoro e di festeggiamenti nella ricorrenza del sessantesimo compleanno, esce in cd un bel ritratto di Jean Derome soprattutto nelle vesti di compositore, per quanto difficilmente separabili per lui da quelle dell'esecutore: Musiques de chambres, su etichetta Ambiances Magnétiques, con sei sostanziosi esempi di scrittura scelti nell'arco del ventennio 1992-2012. "Ever since I started making music, I have composed, improvised, and played by ear. In groups in which I played, I proposed music even before I could read and write it. In this way, I sewed my own clothes. For me, playing and composing have never been completely separate activities. Even now, it is rare that I am not on stage as a performer when my music is played. I have typically composed in ways - stacking the deck, perhaps - that demand that I be there, that my physical role on stage and my choices as an improviser make a difference. This disc is an exception."