17 ottobre 2015

La viennese Klanggalerie - che a suo tempo ereditò dalla defunta Ralph Europe la distribuzione europea di alcuni materiali di Residents e soci - si incarica ora di rimettere in circolazione l'album di esordio del bizzarrissimo duo Renaldo & The Loaf, Play Struvé & Sneff, divenuto negli anni oggetto introvabile in qualsiasi formato, LP compact disc o audiocassetta. Lo fa con un'edizione in due cd dove trova spazio proprio la versione originale in audiocassetta, quella del 1979, e la registrazione dell'unico concerto dal vivo compiuto dai due, di lì a poco.

Often called the British Residents, Renaldo & The Loaf made some of the most exceptional music ever. Struvé & Sneff was their first ever album. It came out as a cassette in 1979 and was later re-issued on LP and CD. However, these versions contained a different mix to the one from the original cassette. Klanggalerie are now proudly presenting you the original version of this outstanding debut album for the first time on CD! And if that weren't enough, there is a bonus CD as well. It's a recording of the one and only live concert RATL ever played. Entitled "Live at Bali Hai" this has never before been available to the public and doesn't only include the live recording, but also three remixes made in 2012.