20 novembre 2015

Annette Peacock torna in questi giorni ad esibirsi in pubblico, con concerti in festival e club a Utrecht e Londra. Salutano l'evento uno speciale radiofonico della londinese NTS Radio (Who's That Girl?) e un'intervista di Frances Morgan per The Wire (A Dance To The Music Of Time). Con la promessa di un nuovo album nel 2016: "What I'm taking great pleasure in now is that I've gotten to the point where, as a tool of expression, I can say anything with music; I have the skill after doing it so long to say whatever I want to say however I want to say it, and that's another kind of experience. That satisfaction you get from knowing that if you want to say something, you're going to have the skills to find those elements that will best manifest what it is you want to say. That's the territory I'm in with music, that new relationship with music, now. I'm loyal to music - wherever it takes me."