02 novembre 2015

Planet Gong distribuisce in poche copie a tiratura artigianale un dvd con le riprese integrali di un animato concerto di Daevid Allen tenuto a Glastonbury nel maggio 2008 con University of Errors - Josh Pollock, Michael Clare e Warren Heugel - al termine di un giro in Olanda, Israele, Norvegia, Svezia e vari luoghi del Regno Unito. Quasi un seminario di studi storici, con That's How Much I Need You Now, Save Yourself, Memories, Why Am I So Short, When I Don't Want You, Hope For Happiness, Stoned Innocent Frankenstein e We Did It Again tra i brani in programma.
Qualche esempio è in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Aw3Jxz99Nw

One of daevid's best 'mistakes', the ever pleasing UofE doing their thing with deep gusto (not a guest musician). There was nothing quite like them - sadly a band of myth now - "I remember when this was all green fields". Here is the full gig - plus snippets of odd! The leaning tower of Glastonbury Assembly Rooms (portal to other realms, some even nice), the remains of University of Errors at the end of a brilliant tourette seen by 23 people and the ubiquitous dog, a PA strung together with sealing wax and string, a flickering bulb or three, and the massed psycho-derelicts of Avalon (I include m'self) in attendance - what could possibly go wrong? Well nothing really, it was a recipe for a brilliant night...