04 dicembre 2015

Dal progetto di un album tutto newyorkese, con il coinvolgimento di amici musicisti del posto, lo scozzese Bill Wells se n'è uscito giusto giusto per Natale con un piccolo capolavoro senza tempo - Nursery Rhymes, per l'etichetta tedesca Karaoke Kalk - prendendo in carico canzoni, canzoncine, storie in rima e filastrocche per bambini. Tante e di tanti tipi, tutte familiari, argute e stucchevoli, fantastiche e sciocchine, perfide e inquietanti: Three Blind MiceHickory Dickory DockDing Dong BellTwinkle Twinkle Little Star, Oranges and Lemons e Polly Put The Kettle OnHot Cross BunsRide A Cock Horse... Tante e disparate anche le persone interpellate: Norman Blake, Michael Cerveris, Yo La Tengo, Bridget St John, Isobel Campbell, Amber Papini, Syd Straw, perfino Annette Peacock. Grande ruolo ha giocato in particolare Karen Mantler. E l'esempio di Hal Willner, cui l'album è infatti dedicato.

Nursery rhymes become familiar to us from a young age - so familiar, in fact, that we scarcely analyse them as songs in their own right. Becoming entranced by these childhood ditties, Scottish composer Bill Wells decided to re-work some classics in a quite unique setting. Gathering a host of collaborators, new album length project Nursery Rhymes features all host of cult favourites, indie doyens and more. "If people thought it was a bit strange, then they didn't say," Wells remarked recently. "I made it all clear pretty early on in proceedings and everyone seemed up for it." Exploring the hidden darkness behind the lyrics, Bill Wells steers each piece into a quite new arena. "Ultimately, part of the remit of a nursery rhyme was to give your child some of the harsh realities of life, while sugar-coating them with a catchy little melody. But I'm losing that coating and going straight to the nub of the thing."