20 dicembre 2015

E' pronto per Clean Feed Records il terzo volume prodotto da Elliott Sharp per tracciare - secondo lui - le linee-guida della chitarra solista nel ventunesimo secolo attraverso esempi, suoni, melodie, gesti, procedure: I Never Meta Guitar Three, con interventi di John King, Indigo Street, Joel Peterson, Kirsten Carey, Cristian Amigo, Adam Brisbin, Sandy Ewen, Anders Hilsson, Peter Maunu, Bruce Eisenbel, Simone Massaron, Lily Maase, David Fulton, Jim McCauley, Angela Babin, Brandon Seabrook, Alessandra Novaga e Ed Ricart. "They are the musicians chosen for this volume to confirm Sharp’s idea that the guitar is a continuously reinvented instrument, with new sounds, processes, techniques, melodies, riffs and gestures coming from creative minds and fingers everywhere. The title of the series is a paraphrase from humorist Will Rogers, «I never met a man I didn’t like», and that’s the mood of the selection. The music here jumps into the unknown and this means you’ll be surprised, and surprised again, as the 18 tracks tickle your ears and brain. If you want to know how the future of the guitar (be it electric or acoustic) is being shaped now, this is your source of information."