23 dicembre 2015

Ha compiuto 45 anni pochi giorni fa l'album Lizard dei King Crimson, terzo della loro lunga carriera, realizzato con non pochi problemi - ma con esiti strabilianti - nel settembre 1970. Ne ricostruisce la genesi e le (s)fortune Sid Smith, in un post al suo blog Postcards From The Yellow Room replicato anche in DGM Live. A proposito del suo rifiuto a entrare stabilmente a far parte della formazione ebbe a dire Keith Tippett: "The terms would have been that I would have had musical input. He knew that I was a strong musical personality and I would have gone in and possibly taken it all in another way with his blessing because we would have been joint bandleaders... I hadn’t long been in London and I’d left Bristol realising that I had to go to London to play with musicians who were more experienced than myself to learn quickly - apart from that I had too much love for the sextet and it would have taken me away from the jazz scene".