27 dicembre 2015

The Remote Viewers tornano a farsi vivi con un nuovo lavoro, November Sky, ancora una volta prodotto in proprio presso il quartier generale dell'Oxo Tower londinese e distribuito tramite ReR. La formazione è grossomodo quella della trilogia noir degli ultimi anni, da City of Nets a Pitfall: David Petts, Adrian Northover, Caroline Kraabel, Sue Lynch, John Edwards e Mark Sanders.
Ne scrive Cutler: "Another intriguing set of compositions that don’t do what you expect. Minimal, sort of, keeping its parts in order - with intrusions; some French Noir soundtrack material; thick harmonies, sudden changes of direction and a lot of ideas in a relatively short space of time with more than a fair share of counterintuitivty. A story well worth following in a language of its own."