28 gennaio 2016

La campagna lanciata da Mônica Vasconcelos per sostenere la realizzazione dell'album di canzoni di protesta brasiliane The São Paulo Tapes, con l'attivo coinvolgimento di Robert Wyatt, non ha forse raccolto quanto sperato in termini di finanziamento collettivo, tuttavia i lavori per il compimento del progetto proseguono, conquistando nel frattempo il favore e l'apporto anche del bassista Yaron Stavi. Informazioni presso IndieGoGo: https://goo.gl/20SF66

"In case you are wondering, these are not sad songs. Yes, born out of anger and pain, but life affirming, they soothe you and move you. Like art can do. I feel right now these songs are desperately needed. Maybe they cannot change the wrongs around us... But they can make us a little stronger perhaps? Give us courage to do the right thing.  Remind us of our humanity. Each song on this album will come beautifully introduced by David Treece, who teaches Brazilian culture and literature at King's College London. So English speakers can really get their beauty and power. And appreciate how relevant they are in the world today."