19 gennaio 2016

Un esteso ritratto dello Schlippenbach Trio composto dal regista e produttore video Bernd Schoch a partire dai concerti tenuti dai tre magnifici - Alexander von Schlippenbach, Evan Parker, Paul Lovens - in anni consecutivi dal 2007 al 2010 presso il Jazzclub di Karlsruhe (Germania): Aber das Wort Hund bellt ja nicht. Lo si ottiene richiedendolo direttamente all'autore: burntbernd@gmx.de

The film dissects an event and puts it back together again in the cinema. It narrows the space, expands time and enables an intense cinematic experience with the free jazz of the Schlippenbach Trio. And suddenly the invisible becomes audible and the fragment is equivalent to the whole. This film is more than a portrait of musicians. It is also a film which, in a radical way, deals with the issue of translation and the reinvention of reality in documentary film.

The Schlippenbach Trio exists since forty years and they are part of the european Freejazz history. Each year in December they go on the 'Winterreise' to play their sound of divergence, catharsis & explosion. The film But the word dog doesn't bark is shot over the period of four years at the Jazzclub Karlsruhe. Each year the camera focuses in a single frame shot on one of the players. In 2007 on Paul Lovens (drums), in 2008 on Evan Parker (reeds), in 2009 on Alexander von Schlippenbach (piano). In the last year of the performance shooting, in 2010, a handheld singleframe shot combines the improvisation of the three individuals in one picture. But the word dog doesn't bark questions the possibility of transforming sound into pictures.