24 gennaio 2016

Una versione di studio della wyattiana Sea Song, registrata nel maggio 2011, e un brano ripescato dall'album e2x10=Tenure, Ocean In The Distance: è il singolo pubblicato a nome di University of Errors lo scorso 13 gennaio, per celebrare - il primo senza di lui! - il compleanno di Daevid Allen. Lo si trova in poche centinaia di copie presso il bazar di Gong Appreciation Society.

The last recording by University of Errors to be released on January 13, 2016 in honor of Daevid Allen’s first non-birthday day, it would have been his 78th birthday but it isn’t. It is the bands’ version of Sea Song by Robert Wyatt. The recording was done at Daevid’s home studio in May 2011. Daevid reworked and finely tuned his vocal and glissando parts and the final mix was done by Orlando Allen in 2014.
It was Daevid’s idea to release it as a thank you to everyone after his surgery and temporary recovery in 2014. He chose the artwork, photos and b-side Ocean In The Distance from the album e2x10=Tenure. It is being released as a 7” single, packaged like a small album in a cardboard sleeve with a spine and full color inner sleeve and pressed on heavy audiophile quality vinyl.