01 febbraio 2016

La storia di eroiche gesta e di intrepidi - certo assai poco tiepidi - incontri al Cold Storage di Brixton a partire dalla seconda metà degli anni settanta è già stata variamente raccontata, anche da qualche diretto protagonista (Raincoats, Young Marble Giants, Flying Lizards, Essential Logic, Marine Girls, Robert Wyatt, The Homosexuals, News From Babel, The Work, Officer! e soprattutto This Heat e Camberwell Now). Vi ritorna oggi Iva Suarez con Cold Storage Memories, interessante documentario multimediale che compone immagini, registrazioni, suoni d'ambiente, resoconti e testimonianze a partire da quelle di David Cunningham e Charles Hayward. Ricorda tra l'altro quest'ultimo: “We opened it up and the lights didn’t work. We had torches - the beams entered the space and there was a subclimate in there. There were clouds; it was really, really cold. And I quite genuinely had this picture in my head that we were going to see the red, glinting eyes of some sort of albino wolves. We couldn’t quite work out how big it was. It was a very strange space, a mysterious sort of cavern. It was very primeval, like an installation piece.”