23 febbraio 2016

Lo conferma lo stesso Steve Hillage in un post al suo profilo su FB: saranno ben ventidue i cd contenuti nel box antologico e retrospettivo Searching For The Spark, atteso per settembre, con tutti gli album ufficiali del periodo 1969-1991, una valanga di brani in versione alternativa, rarità di studio e dal vivo, immagini inedite, memorabilia e scritti vari.

Lo raccomanda naturalmente anche Planet Gong: "Searching for the Spark: a fully comprehensive Steve Hillage box set! 22 CDs from the period 1969 to 1991 with all the released albums and loads of exclusive unreleased rarities: live recordings, demos, studio tracks. A comprehensive and beautifully produced book detailing the whole story, and exclusive memorabilia items. Release date set for late September 2016! We have been immersed in this project for months and now the intensive home stretch work schedule lies before us like a shining path to a late September release date. It has been and is intense, but at the same time the deepest of fun - inner/outer dimensional time travel made real - or something like that! The limited edition box will be packed with all manner sounds, images and items to astound and delight. I suggest putting a couple of cappuccino's worth, or a pint of beer's worth of cash into a piggy bank each week - you don't want to miss this. I'd love to be there for the opening of every box."