27 febbraio 2016

Nel cuore del più recente episodio del suo Canterbury Sans Frontières Matthew Watkins mette un ibrido montaggio di quasi un'ora di We Did It Again - prendendo da disparate fonti e da differenti epoche - in aperto omaggio alle leggendarie gesta dei Soft Machine del soggiorno francese dell'estate 1967: "By taking the ostinato technique to its extreme, Kevin was actually making a serious artistic statement. It was his idea that if you find something boring – a basic Zen concept – then in the end you will find it interesting. And there is something in that: if you listen to something repeated in the same way, your mind changes the structure of it each time….. Kevin saw it halfway between the spiritual liberation thing and showing off how hip we were." (Mike Ratledge).

Soft Machine — "We Did It Again" (from The Soft Machine, 1968)
Bongwater — "We Did It Again" (from Double Bummer, 1988)
Henry Cow (feat. Robert Wyatt) — "We Did It Again" (from The Road: Volume 3, 2008, live in Paris, 1975-05-08)
Tirol — "We Did It Again" (live recording of unknown origin)
Soft Machine — "We Did It Again" (from Middle Earth Masters, recorded London 1967-09-16, released 2006)
Kevin Ayers and The Whole World — "We Did It Again" (from VPRO Radio, Netherlands, 1970-07-30)
Monty Oxymoron and Friends — "We Did It Again" (live in Brighton 2015-02-08)
Soft Machine — "We Did It Again" (from French TV, 1967)
Kevin Ayers and the Whole World — "We Did It Again" (BBC Radio, 1970-05-07)
Achzeit — "We Did It Again" (unknown origin)
Brainville 3 — "Didditagin" (from Trial By Headline, 2008)
Pascale Comelade — "We Did It Again" (from My Degeneration: Electronics 1974–1983, 2014)
Soft Machine — "We Did It Again" (from Live at Henie Onstadt Art Centre 1971, recorded 1971-02-28, released 2009)
Robert Wyatt and Kevin Ayers — "We Did It Again" (bonus track from Middle Earth Masters, 2006)