08 febbraio 2016

Steve Wilson era troppo occupato, sicché ha dovuto far tutto da solo Luis González - cioè Caballero Reynaldo - nel rimetter ordine alle proprie (ri)letture zappiane, The Grand Kazoo, Traca/Matraca Marieta y Los Jetas in primis. Se n'è uscito con un personale bignamino ancora aperto a interpretazioni, Reynaldo plays Zappa?, primo atto di un 2016 per lui ricco di festeggiamenti per i vent'anni di carriera.

During 2016 Caballero Reynaldo will be celebrating his 20 years in the music “business” and as Steve Wilson was not available, or simply not answering the phone, he has undertaken the task of looking back to his career and release several records with a new look at some of his old material and present it with a fresh look, re-recording, re-mixing, re-friting his discography and perform it live on special occasions and venues with his band: Rebeca Ibáñez, Román Garcia and Santi Serrano, plus special guests whenever possible: Manu Vicente, José Mencias, Manoel Macía, Marieta Tamarit, etc, who have had a significant role in previous line-ups.
The first step of his evil master plan, obviously, is the volume dedicated to the music of Frank Zappa, with which he toured around Europe in 2010 thanks to records such as The Grand Kazoo, Traca/Matraca or Marieta y Los Jetas. In Reynaldo plays Zappa? he squeezes and minimalises the original music up to the limit of non-recognition.