26 febbraio 2016

Tie the Stone to the Wheel (Evan Parker e Seymour Wright) e Muddy Ditch (Sebastian Lexer e Steve Noble) sono i due nuovi titoli pubblicati in cd a tiratura limitata dalla londinese Fataka. Presentati al pubblico del Cafe Oto poche sere fa:

Fascinating combination of two uncompromising saxophonists. Seymour Wright grew up listening to Evan Parker's radical reshaping of the saxophone and both develops and deconstructs it in his own playing. Together, the two interrupt and augment each other incessantly, creating tight spirals of difference and similarity that crackle with ideas and energy.

Sebastian Lexer (piano+) and Steve Noble (drums and percussion) first played together in the winter of 2011 and what seemed like an unlikely, even oppositional, pairing quickly proved itself to be an extremely well-matched one. Noble's sharp vertical hits and Lexer's sustained horizontal textures echo, disrupt and enrich each other, producing music full of complex slants and intricate resonances.