09 febbraio 2016

Tramite Bandcamp torna in circolazione uno dei lavori più compiuti di Bing Selfish in anni recenti, Songs of Inexperience. In formato digitale e su supporto fisico, con tutti i testi disponibili presso il sito web del Nostro:

Here he comes again! With William Blake as a guiding spirit, Bing explores unknowingness and all that follows with the wide-eyed wonder of a puma as it bites through electric cables at the Newport Folk Festival. Economic theories fight for space with stories of life at the the thin end of the consumer wedge, exquisite women elbow for room with boorish wastrels and poetry has a wee chat with anarchism about who gets that last biscuit. Instruments coming at you from all directions; longing, excess, boredom, landladies; and a song from the dreaming pen of the mighty SuNray Jahchild, what can you say, except, "I want! I want!"?