13 marzo 2016

A un anno esatto dalla dipartita dell'amato Daevid Allen si tiene oggi il secondo Gong Global Party, con l'invito all'ascolto simultaneo di musiche Gong ovunque nel mondo: "It will be a year since our beloved Dada Allien hopped in his flying teapot and returned home to the Planet Gong. Last year's Global Party was a glorious success, with Gongsters worldwide getting on the cosmic vibe, and creating an energetic matrix which lit the whole planet and send cosmic vibes beaming from our hearts and minds. We all felt that connection and it was pure beauty. Let's celebrate our unity, join hands & hearts around the globe and once more play Gong simultaneously all over the planet and raise that vibration!"

Ricordi e considerazioni sul piano affettivo - ma anche a proposito di lascito umano e artistico, di idee e progetti rimasti incompiuti o irrealizzati - esprime Jonny Greene di Planet Gong: "Today, Sunday March 13th marks a year since daevid allen died. It's been a full revolution around the Sun and however much further round the Galaxy our Universe has travelled since he 'stepped off' the planet - it is already a huge distance ago. I do miss him, or to be more precise I miss the possibility that he might bustle into the GAS office (you could hear him coming up the stairs), often with a female companion and always with a head full of plans and agendas and tasks to acomplish, most of them impossibly unfeasible - but hey we would give many a go. Despite 100s of visits over dozens of years daevid didn't always relish coming to the GAS HQ - by the end we knew each other too well and simultaneously not at all, as it is with close friends - it was where his plans might crash headlong into practical 'realities'. To achieve all he dreamt daevid needed far more philanthropists than he was ever able to attract - the more conventional route via record companies he didn't handle so well. It's said that people aren't forgotten until everyone who knew them has also 'left the building'. That maybe so, all who met or saw daevid will certainly hold his memory for many years yet - although if you have left a body of work such as daevid's the world's rememberance of you is bound to continue far longer and reach much further."

Ciao Daevid!