02 marzo 2016

Ci manca da un anno, Mike King. Indimenticato.

Noted Canterbury scholar, producer, engineer and label man, Mike King was first known for the great book on Robert Wyatt called Wrong Movements. Mr. King made many friends amongst Canterbury scene, always had good stories to tell about these folks and ended up with a treasure chest of tapes from his/our heroes. He worked on several releases for the Cuneiform, Ogun and Voiceprint labels through the years. He started the Reel Recordings label in the past decade and released more than twenty treasures from: Kevin Ayers, Elton Dean, Harry Miller, Mike Osborne, Ray Russell, Lol Coxhill, Gerry Fitzgerald, Don Rendell, Steve Miller, Soft Machine, Soft Heap and Gary & Pam Windo. All of his releases came from tape sources (as in reel-to-reel recordings), hence the name of his label. It turned out that Mike King had found his calling since he was a sonic wizard in the studio, getting the music to sound better than whatever its source was. Mr. King put Reel Recordings to rest a couple of years back when his last release, Trad Dads, Dirty Boppers and Free Fusioneers, failed to get the recognition it deserved. He continued to work for other labels, cleaning up the acetate for Robert Wyatt's 1968 disc for Cuneiform and working hard on the ongoing Hugh Hopper Rarities series for Gonzo. Mike King put his heart & soul into each and every release he worked on. He's greatly missed (Bruce Lee Gallanter).